Basis-Intensiv-Projekt Fall 2017

From January 2018 on a newly structured training model will start in the form of a one year foundation program followed by a post-graduate study based on supplementary modules. The contemporary, holistically oriented dance- and movement education and the special profile which has – since years – lead dance-inspired people from around the world to Freiburg remains the same. The management, headed by Lilo Stahl and Bernd Ka, will concentrate even more strongly on its core competencies in the field of dance and movement training, Exploration/Improvisation, Instant Composition with the aim to support the trainees optimally with regard to their individual personal development.
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Basis-Intensiv-Projekt Fall 2017
New Dance Advanced Training
May to November 2017
Contact Improvisation Compact Training 2017
March - June 2017
Final Performances - TIP Educational Program 2015-17










~We look to sense the composition while we are making it.~