TIP Educational programm for Dance, Improvisation and Performance in Freiburg / Germany

The Idea


As regards the content, the orientation of the education is unique in Germany.

TIP has its origins in the POST MODERN DANCE from the USA resp. in the further development NEW DANCE/ NEUER TANZ - an orientation in dance, that considers itself in permanent further-development and emphasizesstrongly the advancement of the creatively productive dancer.
TIP offers a holistically oriented training of dance and movement, contact improvisation, exploration /improvisation, instant composition.
TIP claims to identify the individual skills of their students and to bring forward self-reliance and personal responsibility. This includes physical and dancing skills as well as creativity and artistic originality. Aim andpurpose of this education is to optimally support the participants in the development of their dancer personalitiesand to professionally train freelance dancers and performers.

Education Structure

The new module system allows interested participants to step in the education in different levels and has the following structure:

Basis-Projects with 3-months full time training and as before as the basis for the foundation course or other educations
One year foundation program in the field of dance and movement training, Conatctimprovisation, Exploration and Improvisation Exploration and Improvisation.
Postgraduate Studies in the form of individual modules with each of 3 months, which are dedicated exclusively one focus.
These modules can be booked independently and are open as well for dancers with adequate preparatory from other dance schools.
  • Module "Dance technique / Choreography"
  • Module "Instant Composition as a stage form art"
  • Module "Piece Development / Composition / Performance"
further informations here
Postgraduate - Performance - Project Module IV is an independent production for yong dancers under the direction of a well known guest choreographer.
further inforamtion about actual modules here

One Year Foundation Programme 2019/20

Subjects Studies


The school has available a competent and versed teaching staff. They can rely as well on pedagogical and methodical skills as on extensive on-stage-experience. International guest-teachers add to and complete the education. ... [more]


School fees for the one year program will be €1500,- per Trimester, which is a total of € 4500,- for the whole programm. There is an initial payment followed by monthly installments of € 300,- per month afterwards.

For the basis project are foreseen € 1400,-
For one module of the post-graduate studies a fee of 1600,-€ envisioned.
The Postgraduate Project will be financed by federal subsidies.
The Performance Project as a professional production is foreseen to be financed from project funds.




Getting to know the work

People interested in the one year program have the possibility - after announcement - to watch classes in the currant program. Active participation is not possible! Another possibility to get to know the work of the school are Showings, the annual Final Performances of the graduation classes or the Performance-Projects.

~When I improvise, there is a lot more I'm deciding not to do, than I am deciding to do in my body~
(Lisa Nelson)