Lilo Stahl

Lilo Stahl
(Dancer, pedagogue,
artistic co-administration of TIP)

Since 1979 studies and practice of New Dance in technique, contactimprovisation, improvisation, and composition, amongst others at the Naropa Institute Boulder (USA) and Studio di Danza Firenze (I). Important teachers: Nancy Stark-Smith, Laurie Booth, Katie Duck and Sara Shelton Mann. Cofounder of bewegungs-art freiburg.

Fundamental examination with asian forms of dance and expression, Aikido, breathing- and energetic work, amongst others with Anzu Furukawa (Japan). Since 2004 practicing Spiral Dynamics.

She has been dancing in Solos and Ensemble Dance Theatre, amongst others with Bernd Ka (moving-art company), with Renate Wehner (turn twice), in intermedia duetts with the musician Harald Kimmig and was member of the international company Dance Butter Tokyo, led by Anzu Furukawa.

Since the middle of the nineties her work of research is focussed on free improvisation as a form of stage-performance. Since then she has presented Improvisations with international casts of musicians and dancers.

Alongside with the the management and the teaching activity at TIP, she teaches as guest-teacher at dance- and movement-schools and provides workshops, further educations and projects here and abroad.


Bernd Ka

Bernd Ka
(dancer, pedagogue, teacher of Feldenkrais-technique,
artistic co-administration of TIP)

Since 1979 studies and practice of Contactimprovisation, movement-theatre and New Dance, amongst others with Laurie Booth, Nancy Stark Smith, Julyen Hamilton, Ruth Zaporah, G.H. Soto, as well as at the Naropa Institute Boulder (USA). Studies in Aikido, Capoeira, Tai Chi and other martial arts. Cofounder of bewegungs-art freiburg, since 1995 ceritificated teacher of Feldenkrais-Technique.

His work centers Dance- and Contact-Improvisation and - influenced by Feldenkrais-method - a movement-training, which utilizes and enhances the inteligence of the body. It incorporates principles of the martian arts and regards dance as movement in its most variable manifestations. Mainly in the 80ies he has contributed essentially to the development to contact-improvisation in Germany.

Bernd Ka danced in various formations with Lilo Stahl and Wolfgang Graf, with Jazz-musicians, as well as at Dance Butter Tokyo led by Anzu Furukawa (Japan) and at Alternating Currents - a group of known Improvisers from USA and Europe. In the 90ies he workes with several own ensembles.


Oliver Lange

Oliver Lange
(Dance, choreography, acting)

Movement & Theater Educator (BuT), Psychologist MA
Since completing his training in dance, improvisation and performance at bewegungs-art at the beginning of the millennium, he has worked as a freelance dance artist. Co-founder of the improvisation group Arte-Schoki and of k²-koreografenkollektiv freiburg. Production of short and full-length dance pieces. Effects in just as, as well as children's and youth theater pieces at SpielRaum Freiburg.
Musical & theater productions with teenagers. Lecturer in motion, body and dance at the PH and EH Freiburg, at SpielRaum Freiburg - Institute for Theater Education.
His focus is on the creative approach to and dealing with the potential for movement of one's own physicality, the unrestricted exploitation of the potential of one's own personality in stage art and, above all, in the great art of composition of the moment in improvisation.


Marion Dieterle

Marion Dieterle
(dancer, choreographer)

Studied Contemporary Dance from 1998 to 2002 at the Acadamy of Arts in Arnhem (NL) and Düsseldorf. Since completion of her education she works as dancer and choreographer. She participated both as dancer and choreographer in several research-projects, symposia, productions and perfomances. As dancer she worked amongst others with Hideto Heshiki, Michael Langeneckert and Hellene Jorgensen. Since 2005 she teaches at TIP.

The choreographical work of Marion Dieterle ranges between various soloworks, installations, dance-animations and group-performances. Since 2006 she concentrates her work in her own company "DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry". Her choreographic quest is accompanies by the central idea "imagine with the body".

Since 2006 she is member of "HeadFeedHands", a new founded company, that has created with their piece "One Room Ticket" a symbiosis of dance, circus arts and theatre.



Harald Kimmig

Harald Kimmig
(Musician, Composer)

He arranges the lessons for rhythm and music for dancers. He is an improvising musician, composer, and musical adviser of many music-, dance- and theatre-performances, as f. E. "Himmel und Erde" mit Lilo Stahl und Renate Wehner, "the crocodile" dance-solo by and with Anzu Furukawa, "A VOID" with Hideto Heshiki. He had concerts with Cecil Taylor, Peter Kowald, Steve Lacy and many more.


Guest Teachers

Permanent guests

Charlotte Zerbey (USA/I) Alessandro Certini (I)
Pia André (D) Bruno Catalano (I/CH)
Adrian Russi (CH) Maya Caroll (D)
Zuna Kozanek (SK) Milan Kozanek (SK)
Anja Gysin (CH)

Former special guests

Anzu Furukawa † (J) Katie Duck (USA/NL)
Cesc Gelabert (SP) David Zambrano (YV)
Lisa Kraus (USA/NL) Rusty Lester (USA/D)
Yael Flexer (GB) Makiko Ito (J/NL)
Juha Pekka (B) Ivan Wolfe (USA/CH)

~When I improvise, there is a lot more I'm deciding not to do, than I am deciding to do in my body~
(Lisa Nelson)