Module 2019

Modul II
Dance technique, Choreography & Partnering
April 29 - July 26, 2019

Lecturers in Dance Technique:
Mareike Steffens, Günter Klingler, Karolin Stächele
Lecturers in Choreography:
Lilo Stahl, Karolin Stächele
Partnering: Günter Klingler

Guest teachers:
ZunaKozanek - dance technique and horeography
Marion Sparber - Flying Low Technique and Partnering

Fee: 1,550.--€

In consultation with Lilo Stahl, it might be possible to book only one or both guestteacher weeks. Please ask in the office.

Dance Technique
This module provides a compact dance training based on contemporary techniques, among others. Release technology, floorwork and flying low.In four three-week consecutive phases of instruction with one teacher each, another focus is always developed and deepened through targeted training.
In the center of contemporary choreographic work is the own creation. On the basis of creative methods, the skills are trained to recognize in spontaneous movement invention interesting material, to work out and to design with the involvement of spatial and temporal orders. In addition to conveying these principles, the compositional sense is sharpened. The aim of this module is to create, fix and dance sequences as well as smaller scenes or pictures.


  • 13 weeks of classes/training (including 1 week of holidays)
  • in the mornings: contemporary dance techniques with different focuses
  • in theafternoon: choreographicwork
  • 2 weeks with guest teachers on a topic-specific basis
  • a final showing
  • Content Dance Technique:

    Content choreography:




    Modul IV
    Postgraduate Performance Project
    20th May to 9th July 2019

    in cooperation with the E-Werk and tanznetz | freiburg as part of the state-funded cooperate project TANZPAKT
    This module offers postgraduate dancers and performers the opportunity to participate in a professional dance production under the direction of an internationally recognized, well-known choreographer. In a group of up to ten participants, a dance piece is prepared under professional conditions in a five-week rehearsal process. Finally, this will be performed on two weekends in six performances. Guest performances in other locations are planned.
    In addition to conveying the conditions in professional stage work, the project aims to enable participants to network and establish connections in the supraregional dance scene.



    Choreography: to be announced; artistic director: Oliver Lange;
    Production Manager: Laila Koller

    Completion of a stage dance qualifying training within the last two to a maximum of five years. TIP graduates will be allocated a secured contingent of at least 30 percent, the rest of the seats will be filled free. The selection is met by the choreographer.

    Audition: January 2019
    application from September 2018 on


    ~When I improvise, there is a lot more I'm deciding not to do, than I am deciding to do in my body~
    (Lisa Nelson)