Short Term Projects

Short Term Project Instant Composition
"Findings – Paths of Improvisation" with Lilo Stahl
May 2nd - 13th 2022 (2 weeks)

For advanced - in or with completed dance / movement training, sufficient basic knowledge and experience in improvisation

Fee: 300,-€

Teaching Times: Monday to Thursday: 1.30 pm - 5 pm, Fridays: 10 am - 1.30 pm

As improvisation artists, we are challenged on several levels by generating, composing and dancing dance material. This means that our attention applies equally to the moment of movement as well as to the design and execution of it. We are in a permanent process of creation.
From moment to moment we are able to make decisions and move along questions such as - When do we become active and when do we rest? How do we cultivate playfulness and curiosity? How can we connect without getting stuck, and if so, how can we direct ourselves without pressure? How can we allow ourselves to fail or even get lost instead of being random - How can we listen to the composition, push it forward without anticipating the course or the result?
In this intensive training we refine physical and mental permeability, cultivate intuitive and rapid implementation of internal or external impulses, work with compositional principles and useful tools to develop dance material and interaction and ultimately to step into the space beyond all that.

Lilo Stahl Dance / Instant Composition - Freelance in teaching / stage work since 1981
essential co-creator of new dance developments as well as establishing improvisation as a stage form. Co-founder of Bewegungs-art Freiburg (1979), from 2006 - July 2021 co-director of TIP - full-time training in dance, improvisation and performance.
Danced and created solo and ensemble pieces, 1987-91 member of Anzu Furukawa's company Dance Butter Tokyo; since the mid-90s numerous instant composition performances in international line-ups;
constant: duets with Harald Kimmig,
Quintet - Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin and Michael Schumacher / Michael Shapira.

Current: what if part of a solo research “Stille & Lärm” sponsored by DIS-TANZ-SOLO, to be seen at soundance-festival Berlin
and Lockdown Dancelyric

Application: from January

The application should include:


Short Term Project
Dance Technique & Choreography (intermediate level) Spring 2022
16. May - 1. July 2022 (7 weeks)

Karolin Stächele: Technique and Choreography
Lilo Stahl: Choreography
Jonas Kofi K.Onny: Technique
Diego de la Rosa: Technique and Choreography
Smadar Goshen: Gaga und Choreography
Jonathan Sanchez: Performance-Projekt

Fee: 1000,-€

Teaching Times: Monday to Friday 09.30 - 14.30

Dance Technique
This module provides a condensed dance training primarily based in contemporary techniques, such as Release Technique, Floorwork. Through consecutive teaching modules taught by various teachers, a targeted training is developed which focuses on different key points.

At the center of contemporary choreographic work is self-creation. From the basis of creative methods, we train skills to recognize and elaborate upon interesting movement material which appears through/in spontaneous improvisations as well as to refine material through consideration of spatial and temporal laws. Through sharing these principles, the compositional senses are also sharpened. The goal is to create and perform long dance sequences, as well as smaller scenes or images.


Dance Technique Content

  • body permeability, stabilization of the body center, coordination of movement and strength building
  • efficient use of momentum
  • changes of tension and quality, rhythm and musicality
  • spirals, twists, jumps
  • floorwork and flying low technique
  • movement principles and dance sequences
  • Choreography Content

  • generating movement material based on different tasks and methods
  • remembering and fixing movement material
  • working with tools for editing and duplicating existing movement material
  • creating options for the organization of movement in time and space
  • interacting in different constellations (duet / trio / ensemble ...)
  • Application


    Postgraduate Performance Project


    ~When I improvise, there is a lot more I'm deciding not to do, than I am deciding to do in my body~
    (Lisa Nelson)